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We research and develop novel medical devices that combine the empirically proven clinical benefits of Y90 transarterial radiation therapy with advanced imaging and dosimetry analysis for treating liver tumors. 


ABK Biomedical Research & Development

Our robust research and development program is centered around Y90 radioembolization, also known as Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) or Trans-arterial Radiation Therapy (TARE). This is a minimally invasive therapy for treating liver tumors. ABK’s Eye90 microspheres® proprietary technology incorporates the radiation therapy of Y90 with a novel imageable glass composition for procedure visualization via fluoroscopy, X-ray, and CT imaging modalities.

In addition to the development of imageable microspheres, our research is also addressing important procedural limitations. For example, by potentially improving tumor-targeting, and advancing imaging processing with Eye90 microspheres Precision Dosimetry™, we are taking a holistic approach to our goal of improving outcomes for patients with unresectable liver tumors.

Eye90 Microspheres® Administration Procedure

Learn about the potential advantages of our system over existing Y90 approaches:

    • The only X-ray imageable Y90 microspheres – Visualized tumor targeting
    • Integrated visual feedback system – Controlled, consistent administration
    • High-resolution CT-based Precision Dosimetry™ – improved patient care decisions

Our Products

Eye90 microspheres®

A novel technology for radioembolization made with a proprietary, imageable glass composition for in-procedure visualization.

Easi-Vue™ embolic microspheres

Imageable embolization device allowing direct visualization of the microspheres implant during the embolization procedure. FDA 510(k) clearance for the embolization of arteriovenous malformations and hypervascular tumors.

ABK Biomedical’s most advanced microspheres product in development is Eye90 Microspheres.  Eye90 microspheres is a novel technology for radioembolization made with a proprietary, imageable glass composition for in-procedure visualization via fluoroscopy, x-ray, CT and Cone Beam CT imaging modalities. 

Eye90 Microspheres: An advanced new therapy designed to improve the targeting accuracy of Y90 microspheres, with the potential to provide in-procedure prognostic dosimetry for cutting-edge treatment of liver tumors.

A tailored imageable permanent embolization microsphere. Easi-Vue™ embolic microspheres are being developed in a range of microsphere sizes that are inherently imageable for direct visualization of the microspheres at the target site.

Easi-Vue™ embolic microspheres were 510(k) cleared by the FDA in September 2022 for the embolization of arteriovenous malformations and hypervascular tumors.

For Customer Service with Easi-Vue embolic microspheres, please contact us here.

Eye90 microspheres® is considered an investigational product and is NOT FDA approved for use

Research & Development

Novel Hepatic Tumor Microvascular Model – NC State University

It is a known challenge to evaluate Y90 tumor microspheres deposition in vivo. ABK Biomedical developed a standardized in vitro model, in partnership with NC State University, that captures hepatic vascular anatomy and matches physiologic pressures and flow rates.

In this model, the tumor is represented by a branched vascular structure which simulates HCC tumors down to the arteriole level (18µm). Researchers compared in vitro microsphere distribution between the ABK dual-syringe delivery system (DS) and the typical glass Y90 bolus delivery system (BD).

The ABK DS system delivered a greater number of glass microspheres penetrating distally, and a more uniform distribution compared to BD.

Video: Novel Hepatic Tumor Microvascular Model


Scientific Publications

Our team and affiliated researchers at some of the top academic institutions in North America regularly publish and present emerging data on the advancement and utility of our proprietary glass microsphere technology in scientific journals and at international medical conferences.


Our proprietary Eye90 microspheres® and Easi-Vue™ embolic microspheres are produced at our state-of-the-art manufacturing and clean-room facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

ABK - MURR Hot Cell

In February 2019, ABK Biomedical announced a new multi-year strategic partnership with the Missouri University Research Reactor Center (MURR®).  Operating at 10-megawatts, MURR is the most powerful research reactor in the United States.

Eye90 microspheres® are produced in our state of the art hot cell at MURR as part of the product development process. The customized hot cell provides protection from hazardous radioactive isotopes, enabling a safe and efficient production and processing environment.

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ABK Biomedical is proud to partner with cutting-edge organizations and individuals with exceptional skills, scientific expertise, and the highest business ethics.

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The ABK Biomedical Team

We are dedicated to encouraging a stimulating work environment offering an opportunity to significantly expand experience and skills by researching, developing, and commercializing cutting-edge medical device technologies with a mandate to effectively treat cancer.

ABK Biomedical is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive compensation packages.

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